PhD student in theoretical physics with a great interest in quantum information, computer science and machine learning.

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2023/Now Institut for Theoretical Physics, CEA
PhD Candidate in Quantum Information

Large-scale quantum networks and design of quantum circuits via reinforcement learning. (supervisors : Nicolas SANGOUARD and Jean-Daniel BANCAL)

2021/2022 École Normale Supérieure of Paris
Master’s degree in Quantum Physics (ICFP)

Advanced quantum mechanics, advanced statistical physics, quantum information theory, atoms and photons, superconductivity, quantum physics with electrical circuits, machine learning, numerical physics, statistical physics applied to social sciences.

2019/2022 Institut d’Optique
French engineering degree (Grande École)

Quantum mechanics, statistical physics, light-matter interaction, plasma physics, electromagnetism, wave optics (non-linear, Fourier, guided and coupled waves, etc...), electronics, mathematics, computer science. ~9h per week of lab-work.

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April/August 2022 Master Thesis
Master Thesis in the Quantum Information Theory group of IPhT (CEA Saclay).

Automated design of quantum circuits by reinforcement learning. My part was manly focus on the implementation of AlphaZero. (supervisor : Nicolas SANGOUARD)

May/August 2021 Internship
Internship in the Quantronics group of SPEC (CEA Saclay).

Design of a multimode quantum memory and single spin detection with a set of spins coupled to a superconducting resonator. This internship was mainly focused on the characterization of a Single-Microwave-Photon Detector. (supervisor : Denis VION)

2020/2021 Project
Research project at Institut d’Optique

Research project at Institut d’Optique, emission and detection of single photons using N-V centers of diamond. (supervisor: Marie-Pierre ADAM)

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  • Computer Science
    • Python
    • Julia
    • LaTeX, Markdown, HTML/CSS…
  • Languages
    • French - Fluent
    • English - C1